Det är min tur nu/It’s my turn now

At a certain point we can all feel: that’s it. I’ve had it. I will put up with no more. Somebody else has to deal with this now. This film is about a woman who reaches that point when she stumbles with her new washings into the autumn dirt. No more, she says, I want some kind of reward, a medal and some flowers, preferably tulips. It’s my turn now.

A little shorter: She has been driven up the wall at work, at home, by her kids – everywhere. She sees only one course of action – a prostrate protest.

  • Worldwide Short Film Festival – The Telus Audience Choice Award
  • St Petersburg Beginning Film Festival – The Jury Special Prize.
  • Mill Valley Film Festival – Best Short and runner up of British Academy of Film and Television Arts/LA (BAFTA/LA)